Spicy soy sauce chicken

by lilik_indrayani_81⁣

How to make spicy soy sauce chicken: .⁣- coat the chicken with lime juice then wash and rinse again until clean, add a little salt then stir, stir and fry half cooked, it doesn’t need to be too dry / according to taste⁣- heat the oil then add the people’s basic spices and sambal gami, stir and then add a little water to taste… add pepper powder, fresh lime leaves, sweet soy sauce, you can add more red saori to taste, add fried chicken, cook until the water thickens then lift.


Sambal material: . .⁣- 1 handful of small chilies, crushed or in a coarse blender- 125 grams of red onion, thinly sliced ​​(the number of red onions is a bit high because this sauce is the dominant red onion) . .⁣- 5 medium-sized tomatoes, sliced ​​lengthwise or in rather thick squares. .⁣- 1 pack of red saori- 1 small pack of ABC shrimp paste, grilled for a while then squeezed or crushed with the chili- stock powder and salt to taste- just a little sugar- quite a lot of cooking oil for frying⁣.

How to make : . .⁣- stir-fry chili ulek, sliced ​​onion and tomatoes with a little oil, if the chilies are in a blender, put the water first and then stir-fry with the other ingredients, then add red saori, shrimp paste, a little sugar, powdered broth and salt to taste…after a little wilted give enough water so that the sauce is not too dry, given water about 1 cup of star fruit, boil for a while and after the chili is a bit swollen, lift it.

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my styleIngredients: garlic, shallots, turmeric, candlenut, ginger, large red chili / curly all in a blender, then stir-fry the spices until tanek.


for cookingSmall chilies in a coarse blender then cook until the water is saturated and add a little cooking oil then stir and stir.

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